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Escobar - C++ RuneScape Emulator 

Escobar is a lite weight emulator that allows for instances of "RuneScape" worlds. For the purpose of being "lite", the emulator also mimics as the game server and the authentication server.

C++11 - The core is written in C++. It uses a very recently release standard, called C++11 (previous C++0x), and will make development some-what easier.

MySQL 5.5 - The storage will be handled using MySQL 5.5+, an open source database management system initially developed by Sun Microsystems and now managed by Oracle. The server is also lite weight, to help keep the emulator to a minimal in terms system resources/requirements.

Boost - Considered a second standard to the C++ language, the framework will help with development.


NOTE: This emulator is completely for educational purposes. My (AJ Ravindiran) Initial and final decision for making this emulator was solely for to obtain experience with the new C++11 standard. No copyright infringements intended. The emulator forever be available to the general public. 

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